At KinectAir we’re very lucky to be able to effectively work remotely as we continue to build this organization. We’re seeing more of the inside of our homes, our pets, gardens, and childrens’ projects and protests. We’ve gained recently added a ton of horsepower adding some European team-members, and have the pleasure of seeking very some rare opportunities now arising.

There is now a Pilatus aircraft available for travel from the Portland, OR area, flown by an experienced local charter operator. This is exciting as it allows more efficient travel for Portland people, whereas before there was a need to move an aircraft from Seattle or Spokane to pick folks up.

Our team is working on the KinectAir platform/app to help enhance your experience when planning, communicating about, and booking your travel with KinectAir. This is a long process which as the Directer of Air Ops I’m not tech savvy enough to go through it all, but I can say it’s a huge deal. And, is really helping crush the old way of trying to book charter flights.

At KinectAir we’ve always conducted a fair amount of remote work, but now the team truly is distributed. Our Trusted Operators flew many flights early last month, but for several weeks we’ve all been hunkered down, and it shows. So KinectAir has been continuing our path with the FAA to operate our own Cirrus planes, conducting our daily tasks of developing our products, and moving the company where we see it needs to be in order to provide the best air transport service for you.

There are many desperate people, sick people, hyper-stressed healthcare workers, busy cargo delivery folks, and a plethora of those wanting to help but not knowing how. We’ve brainstormed many directions to help, some of our team-members’ volunteer positions have them facilitating helping locally in huge ways, and while air transportation is very flexible, so far the need hasn’t developed to move much by small platform aircraft. The KinectAir team were early adopters to the measures now in place over much of the planet. Staying home, following protocols, and living the best life we can is the most that most of us can do. And we’re lucky to be able to.

We wish you well, and know that many of you are making the best of these times. Please share with us directly, or tag us @KinectAir in stories you think are relevant.

-Conor Whitehead
Director of Air Operations.

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