June is exciting for us here at KinectAir. Though many people in the world are coping with gargantuan challenges unrealized by several generations of the developed world, we feel KinectAir is working towards helping everyone move where they need to, when they’re ready to.

We’ve received a massive uptick in travel requests, and facilitated several unique, efficient trips. There’s a growing number of supporters pushing us with smart feedback, directed questions, and network and fiscal support.

Our flight operations team continues moving forward on our own FAA charter certificate, allowing us to fly a fleet of Cirrus planes. We’re not able to operate planes yet, but are brokering flights on Pilatus turboprops through local operators in order to facilitate your regional travel needs.

Personally I’ve been very humbled by the recent outreach and support for our vision at KinectAir. Thank you to everyone that has shown interest, and been helping along the way.

-Conor Whitehead
Director of Air Operations