KinectAir partnership with VoltAero makes sustainable aviation possible. We are extremely excited to announce KinectAir’s first major partnership; VoltAero! We have teamed up to develop clean, on-demand regional flight services.  We will be offering this flight service on VoltAero’s Cassio. Certainly the Cassio stuns with its sleek lines and design.  However, where it truly wows is that it’s a hybrid-electric machine!

VoltAero’s innovative aircraft

VoltAero is developing a family of aircraft for delivery in late 2022.  Their machines will use the company’s proprietary hybrid-electric power module. For example, the aerodynamically optimized design, of the Cassio will fly at 200 knot-cruise speeds (360 kilometers per hour).  It has a flight range of 800 miles (1,300 kilometers). The Cassio hybrid-electric will be available in three versions. Options include four to ten seats. The aircraft are designed to take off and land in distances of less than 1,800 feet (550 meters).  In short, this allows for the use of use of regional and smaller, local airport runways. 

VoltAero Cassio
The stunningly futuristic, Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft

KinectAir’s partnership with VoltAero, a company created by none other than Airbus’ former CTO, Jean Botti, will form the new vanguard of the aviation ecosystem. Additionally, it will help KinectAir realize our flexible on-demand flight network in a sustainable way.  In other words, our partnership with VoltAero helps us reach our greatest goal: sustainability.

Availability of the Cassio

By 2023, KinectAir’s guests will be able to select the Cassio for air travel.  Firstly, our guests will need to download our app.  The app is currently in progress.  We’ll announce it’s availability schedule soon! Secondly, our guest will open our app and have control over their choices! That is to say that our guests can specify the magnificent Cassio for their trip.  In addition, guests can control their price range and aircraft preferences. Thirdly, selecting a quiet, all electric flight, or a mix of hybrid and electric will change how people fly. KinectAir expects that this game changing offer will shake up the market for regional air travel. Lastly. the KinectAir partnership with VoltAero will connect our guests via point-to-point travel.  Without having to sacrifice the environment to do so.

KinectAir app
The gap in the market space

Our companies are aiming to directly pair the efficiencies of KinectAir’s AI engine with Cassio’s intelligent cockpit. This will open up powerful possibilities. For example, we can manage the flight plan, aircraft, and passenger experience more effectively. As commercial carriers continue to abandon the regional market space, KinectAir sees an opportunity. In other words, we think smaller, more efficient aircraft will fill those gaps. As a result, passengers will see savings. These savings may include time, money, and improvement in carbon footprint.  Most importantly, KinectAir and VoltAero will be changing the customer’s experience on short, regional flights.

For instance, a customer traveling on the West Coast of the United States, often flies from a small, local airport to a hub. Subsequently, the customer then has to make a new flight connection. Just to travel to the airport nearest their destination. Similarly, regional flights in the UK are difficult to achieve at best due to limited carriers in the market.  The Hub and Spoke model of air travel may be more conducive for the commercial airlines, but the customer loses. In addition, the waste of time, fuel, and funds can be much improved by engaging machine learning to optimize routes, seats, and flights.  See our post on shifting the Hub and Spoke model to one of Neural Networks using AI.

VoltAero Cassio in KinectAir app
KinectAir's vision for the future of flying infographic

KinectAir’s vision is to democratize air travel.  It’s ambitious.  It’s an audacious goal.  However, with the Cassio aircraft in our fleet,  democratizing personal air mobility becomes a reality. KinectAir is mindful and about the need for connectivity. But, we are being intentional about the ability to fly sustainably.  Sustainability is in our company DNA. We’ll be able to offer a clean, quiet, and intelligent regional air service.  We’ll be able to move people to where they need to be.

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