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There are all kinds of reasons to visit Las Vegas including some Michelin starred restaurants like Wing Lei that serve Cantonese food in addition to huge dim sum buffets during Chinese New Year. Cheap flights to Vegas are easy to find under 100 dollars round trip from many of the major hub cities. However, cheap tickets usually come with all the joy of sitting at Los Angeles – LAX or running through Denver – DEN on your way there. It is hard to relax at Temple Bar or Echo Bay on Lake Mead when you know your trip will start and end by getting herded through the San Francisco airport SFO.

Easy Commercial options have their own costs

Cheap flights to Vegas are easy to come by if you want to fly in the morning. SFO to LAS for the weekend often has seats for $67 round trip. If you want to leave Vegas after 6pm to get a full day of fun, the price of a weekend round trip doubles. The same goes for LAX to LAS. If you don’t mind losing half your day to travel, you can do a round trip for $43 but when you want to maximize your weekend, the price more than doubles. Seattle is even more extreme in that a $66 dollar SEA to LAS flight nearly triples to $187 if you want to leave Vegas after 5pm.

Private flight options you can afford

Now for the amazing part, if you want a little more flexibility in your trip to Vegas there are always private jet options. Seriously, you and 7 friends could fly from Phoenix to Vegas one way on a private plane for $244 a person when Google Flights sometimes has last minute flights from PHX to LAS for $447 round trip. This also opens up Vegas’s two other airports, VGT – North Las Vegas and HSH – Henderson Executive. The same thing happens on the other end, now instead of leaving from one of the big airports that we all know, you could fly direct from San Carlos to Temple Bar on Lake Mead and skip the lights of Vegas all together. Check out the cheapest way to fly private.

Other places to fly private

Private aircraft also make easy flights from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon North Rim. You get a birds eye view of a National Park and then land at the Bar Ten Ranch. Flights for 8 start at $143 a person one way. Round trip, the flight is still less than the cost of a once in a lifetime ATV tour along the rim of a 6,000ft deep canyon. Really, A round trip private flight from Las Vegas for less than an ATV rental.

Map and image tiles of Las Vegas, Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park.
Dream flight route.
A hybrid approach

Another way to maximize your Vegas trip is to take a commercial flight to Vegas that works for your schedule and a private flight so you can stay out till 4am playing blackjack. You will thank yourself for flying private and skipping the line on the way home.

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