New Pioneer Network reduces costs of aircraft ownership

Dreaming of a Cirrus SR22T? KA’s Pioneer Network makes owning an airplane more affordable.

KinectAir introduces the Pioneer Network for Cirrus SR22T and Pilatus PC-12 ownership that pays.

In a perfect world, you simply walk up to your airplane, hop in and take off. But pilots know the reality – there’s a lot more to it. Fuel. Insurance. Hangar expenses. Paperwork. Aircraft payments. Maintenance. Inspections. Are my charts up to date? Did I renew my subscriptions?

Intelligent Software Makes Airplane Ownership Affordable

For decades these factors have kept the doors to airplane-ownership shut tight, lending the keys to only a select few. No more. KinectAir is offering a new kind of ownership program for Cirrus SR22T’s and Pilatus PC12’s. One that lowers the cost of airplane ownership by generating money for you when your plane would otherwise be sitting in the hangar. It’s called the Pioneer Network. 

Make Money Owning an Airplane

Essentially “Airbnb for planes”, owners fly their airplane when they want while KinectAir professionally manages the asset, hassle free. When owners aren’t flying, KinectAir sells retail flights during an airplane’s downtime. KinectAir supplies rigorously trained pilots, performs maintenance and ensures that the aircraft remains airworthy for both owner and paying customers – all while generating revenue for you, the owner. They’ll even refuel your aircraft and leave it in your hangar of choice. It solves the headache of ownership and insurance. All of this under KinectAir’s Part 135 certification – slated for completion through the FAA this summer. 

“A well-managed, regularly flying aircraft is the most optimal thing you can do from a cost perspective,” explained KinectAir founder and life-long aviator Jonathan Evans. “It’s not only about making money from your aircraft. You’re unlocking new potential in human mobility, providing for communities to be connected in creative, empowered and affordable ways. And you’re contributing to the future of innovative, clean and joyful aviation experiences available to all.” 

Seamless Aircraft Ownership

The idea is already gaining traction. KinectAir’s Chief Operations Officer Daniel Gizzi is in daily talks with Pioneer Network members and those who want an invite. “There is tangible excitement in our offering of four-star ownership/customer experience rooted in software to make life easier,” he said. “We see encouraging passenger feedback showing a strong desire for the KinectAir on-demand software charter service. People are excited to fly again.”

Gizzi (a pilot himself) and the KinectAir team have now rolled out an aircraft cost calculator on the KinectAir webpage. Aircraft owners can see just how much owning and maintaining an aircraft can cost, the money they could make by inputting their own specifics, like personal flight hours, aircraft purchase price and operational costs.

Experienced Pilots

In terms of who will be flying the aircraft, KinectAir has that covered too. Their Director of Flight Operations, Conor Whitehead is using the industry’s top standards to hand-select a lineup of pilots that come with a wealth of experience and backgrounds, including military, air-ambulance, firefighting, corporate and commercial aviation. 

“KinectAir operates class-leading aircraft, with class-leading pilots. Period.” said Whitehead. “This is not a starter job for pilots. KinectAir Pilots are certainly chosen for their technical abilities, but also for their desire to provide a great guest experience.”

Contact Gizzi directly at to talk more about joining the Pioneer Network.

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