Buy aircraft in full. Or co-own. You fly.  We manage. 
Priority Access. Hassle-free maintenance. 
Earn revenue on hours we use.
See for your self with the aircraft cost calculator below.

How much can you earn with your aircraft?

The aircraft cost calculator can show options for aircraft co ownership up to 5 fractional owners. Cost values are adjustable including insurance costs and pilot per diem costs. The aircraft cost calculator has default configurations for Cirrus SR22T maintenance costs and Pilatus PC12 management costs.    Pilatus financing options can be adjusted including interest rate and down payment to create a total monthly aircraft payment calculation. We are more than happy to help you get quotes for aircraft and find other users who may want to become fractional owners in your area when you are ready to become an aircraft owner.

Why own WITH KinectAir?


Let your aircraft work for you. Get paid when your aircraft is placed in retail charter service.

Turn-Key Purchase

Afford your dream aircraft with ownership that pays! We'll guide you through the lengthy process of aircraft purchase. Buy entire aircraft or co-ownership options.

Maintenance & Management

We'll keep track of maintenance schedules and management so your aircraft is always safe & ready to fly.

Priority scheduling

Lock key days so your aircraft is available when you need it most.


A Pioneer is someone who owns a whole, or a fraction of, an airplane that is managed by KinectAir under its Part 135 certificate with the intent to make revenue on retail flights. The Pioneer still has access to their aircraft whenever they want, still flying personally under their own Part 91. However, instead of leaving their airplane idle in the hangar the owner is making money and avoiding the many headaches of ownership by taking advantage of KinectAir’s turn-key concierge service.

Chosen for their performance, safety and versatility, KinectAir is building its network first with only Pilatus PC-12/47Es and Cirrus SR22T’s, preferably gen 5 or newer. In the future, as more and more green aviation technologies emerge, KinectAir will look to expand its partnerships to harness an even more sustainable fleet.

If you are the sole owner of your airplane you would be able to block out the times you wish to use your aircraft, leaving KinectAir to operate it for retail flights when it would otherwise be on the ground. If the airplane is unavailable for something like unscheduled maintenance, you would have access to an aircraft like yours from within the Pioneer Network, ready to go.

In select markets KinectAir will be offering fractional, co-ownership on both platforms. Depending on your personal arrangement with your fellow co-owners, new fractional owners would get to enjoy the same priority availability of their aircraft, but also get to take advantage of belonging to a fleet of inter-changagle airplanes, within easy reach when your personal one isn’t. Contact KinectAir for more information if you’re interested.

Members of the Pioneer Network will enjoy a superior four-star ownership experience. KinectAir will take care of as much of the ownership hassle as you want – including everything from maintenance and insurance, to coordinating your subscriptions and storage payments. KinectAir will supply rigorously trained pilots, ensure the aircraft remains airworthy for you and the paying customers. They will even refuel your airplane and leave it in your hangar of choice. – all the while generating you revenue.

A safe pilot makes a safe flight and KinectAir operates all it’s flights with complete accountability, following the spirit letter of the law in full accordance with the FAA, under its Part 135 certificate. This is not a starter job. Pilots come to KinectAir with a rich background, including having flown for military, commercial, private corporations, air ambulance and fire fighting operations. Before donning the KinectAir uniform they must have at least 2,500 hours of PIC in airplanes or in a combination with helicopters, meet FAA ATP ASEL minimums, have previous single-pilot IFR experience and have already flown under a Part- 135 and/or 121 certificate. Once at KinectAir, pilots are supported with the latest and most current software and embrace KinectAir’s development of intelligent technology. Beyond their resumes, KinectAir pilots are motivated, detail-oriented professionals with high emotional intelligence who have a true love of aviation. They go above and beyond, and share KinectAir’s values – keeping safety, joy, empathy and integrity in the forefront of their minds as they seek to make a meaningful difference in modern travel.

The Pioneer Network is your best option to own a superior aircraft with the least hassle way, with the lowest costs. Beyond saving you time and money, you would be partnering with KinectAir, a software-led aviation company, and its global team to pair state-of-the-art aircraft with AI software to deliver a brand new aviation model. KinectAir’s team of software professionals are continually working to develop superior technology to improve the ownership experience and enhance the joy of flight.

we are happy to ANSWER any questions about OUR cost calculator or aircraft ownership.