Jonathan Natiuk

Sunrise from the cockpit

June Update

June is exciting for us here at KinectAir. Though many people in the world are coping with gargantuan challenges unrealized by several generations of the

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April Update

At KinectAir we’re very lucky to be able to effectively work remotely as we continue to build this organization. We’re seeing more of the inside

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Example of a Neural Network

AI infrastructure

What if you could re-route your roads for the traffic each day? Why does commercial aviation suffer some of the same issues as bus routes?

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March Update

Hello everyone. There’s been a lot going on the last couple weeks. Our team has been working on required FAA documentation, and we’re making some

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February Update

As we plan and schedule Pilatus PC12 adventures on our Trusted Operator Network we also move forward with our own KinectAir part 135 certificate for

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