We understand that time is money for business travelers. That’s why we offer private flights as a convenient and efficient solution to your travel needs. Our flights provide a personalized and flexible travel experience that allows you to maximize your time and resources, whether you’re traveling for a meeting, conference, or any other business-related event. With a range of tailored services available, including ground transportation, and concierge services, we provide a one-stop solution for all your business travel needs. Explore your options with us and discover the benefits of flying with KinectAir

Ten reasons our passengers give for flying KinectAir for business

  1. Time-saving: Eliminates the need to spend time waiting in security lines and for connecting flights, allowing for more time to be spent on important business tasks.
  2. Increased productivity and efficiency: Allows for business meetings and work to take place during the flight, maximizing time and resources.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Can often be more cost-effective than commercial flights, particularly for last-minute or long-distance travel.
  4. Comfort and convenience: Offers a comfortable and personalized travel experience, travelling at times convenient to your schedule
  5. Confidentiality and security: Provides a secure and confidential environment for sensitive business discussions and transactions.
  6. Flexibility and increased accessibility: Allows for flexibility in terms of flight schedule and destination, enabling last-minute travel plans and the ability to reach remote locations easily and efficiently.
  7. Attend multiple meetings in different locations in the same day: Maximizes the time and resources available for business by allowing for the ability to attend multiple meetings in different locations in the same day.
  8. Tailored services: Offers tailored services such as in-flight catering, ground transportation, and concierge services that can be customized to specific business needs.
  9. Avoiding flight cancellations and route changes: Provides more reliability and predictability, as it is not subject to the same flight cancellations and route changes as commercial airlines, which can be especially useful when traveling to destinations where there is only one flight a day.
  10. Hosting clients for business trips or corporate entertainment: Can be a great way to host clients and impress them, it can be used as a venue for events or product launches, or to provide an exclusive and luxurious experience for corporate entertainment.