Book with KinectAir, and spend more time doing what you love.

Whether travelling to that hard-to-reach winery, the most scenic of golf courses, the iconic mountain slopes or the most relaxing holiday resort, you want to spend time being there, rather than stuck on the road or in a crowded airport.

Make the journey part of the destination, fly in style, direct and private to the places you love.

If you've got a question about where and how to book a flight with us get in touch with one of the team, we're here to help!

Want to drive?

Why not fly!

Booking with KinectAir for your golf trip is the perfect way to arrive ready and refreshed to tee-off.

Whether heading out on the links of the Pacific Northwest coast, the green fairways in the Nevada desert, or just finding time to visit a course you've never played before there's a runway nearby which we can get you to.

And with no TSA or crowded hubs to deal with, it's never been easier to travel with your clubs.

Glasses half-full, memories by the case.

With KinectAir, you've never been closer to far away places, and trips to vineyards across the Pacific Northwest and throughout California are some of our most popular.

Fly in for a day, stay for a weekend, or put together a tour of vineyards for a spectacular holiday. KinectAir makes it all possible, and there's always space in the aircraft for a case or two of memories to bring home with you.

Get down to the downhill, faster than ever

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