5000 qty // .05 ETH

ADVANCED access to:

first booking of new network aircraft as they come online near you, with flexible scheduling.

future purchase rights of tokens/shares of the revenue-earning aircraft of the KinectAir fleet

automatic “preboarding” for future NFT drops

(2x) voting rights for aircraft geographic placement, naming rights and livery selection

discounts on flights, packages, leisure products, merch, events and more – for as long as you hold the NFT

access to future KinectAir lounges at partner events and local airfields.

More to come!


500 QTY // .5 ETH

all ADVANCED benefits plus:

a 20% discount on your first KinectAir flight

free entry to KinectAir’s annual, flagship “fly-in” event

(4x) voting rights for aircraft geographic placement, naming rights and livery selection

More to come!


15 qty // 3 ETH

all PRIORITY benefits plus:

a roundtrip, private flight (for as many as 6 passengers) within a 500 mile radius of an operational KA node

(8x) voting rights for aircraft geographic placement, naming rights and livery selection

Signed 18″x24″ prints of NFT artworks by Mike Tallman of (AddNoiseStudios)

More to come! 

KinectAir is creating a truly accessible, private flight experience. Our global community of pilots, frequent flyers and plane owners is coming together to create the first, decentralized air mobility service, flying from any of the 5000+ public airfields nearest you. 
As we launch, our network of available aircraft for flights will initially be limited in quantity and geographic reach. As we continue to expand from the Pacific Northwest, your OpenAccess pass will ensure you’re the first to book your favorite flight, with your preferred pilot, on the exact dates you want- and more! 


Q1 2022

In February of 2022, we will drop the OpenAccess NFTs. These NFTs unlock round trip flights, levels of access to our booking calendar, governance in regards to near term marketing initiatives (livery designs and individual aircraft/route names), as well as a wide variety of perks, special events, promotions, etc. These will also effectively serve as pre-purchase of future flights on KinectAir, dependent on tier. 

Q2 2022

The KinectAir community will gain access to the first aircraft of our fleet. NFT holders will be able to book air travel far into the future, as well as last minute, with fair, consistently priced tickets – and more flexible rescheduling policies than general retail passengers. 

Q3 2022

Summer of 2022 will bring expanded service to the most popular destinations for summer travel starting in the Pacific NW, in addition to research and development around tokenized investment vehicles. These would initially only accessible to NFT holders, before release to the general public. This will further expand the pool of individuals owning our distributed fleet, ideally allowing for distribution of aircraft revenue back to token holders, and will OpenTheSkies in the process.

Q4 2022 – 2023

In late 2022 and early 2023, the KinectAir community will expand to additional locations (Europe) and begin to create a global membership and IRL community that both rivals and redefines, all airline loyalty status programs that have come before.


What’s an NFT?

An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”. NFT’s are digital collectibles that often function like tickets or boarding passes that can be purchased or traded. Some NFTs are pieces of art that become speculative investments as they appreciate in value. Others unlock certain membership privileges just as you would flash a card to gain entrance to the airline lounge at a major airport. Our NFTs essentially function as your frequent flyer miles loyalty program membership – with certain privileges at each level.

Does KinectAir reserve any OpenAccess passes?

Yes. KinectAir will retain 10% of the supply of each tier for marketing, partnerships, growth, and strategic purposes.

How do I obtain an OpenAccess (KinectAir NFT)? 

OpenAccess passes became available for purchase on this site on Valentine’s Day (February 14 ❤️) at 17:00 UTC to individuals eligible for the Kinectair “Preboarding” community Sale. At that time, 15 First Access, 500 Priority Access and 5000 Advanced Access passes were available. The remaining passes on sale on 2/16/2022 at 17:00 UTC to the public.

How will the OpenAccess NFT sale proceeds be used?

The proceeds, net of taxes, will be used to fund operations, including, but not limited to…

Operational leadership, including network scouting, fleet development, financial+acquisition planning, product+engineering, infrastructure setup and fees

Legal, compliance, accounting, marketing, partnerships and sales, community development, further initiatives as approved by the community. 

What governance rights will KinectAir OpenAccess membership holders have?

The proposal, approval, and execution of non-financial KinectAir matters, including, but not limited to…

Voting on aircraft placement/name/livery designs and more 

Marketing, partnerships and sales

When will I be able to redeem my “FIRST ACCESS” NFT for that flight?

WE ARE LIVE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. You can redeem your flight sooner there. Or you can hold your NFT until we build out our network to encompass your area.  It’s entirely up to you. And please feel free to let plane owners in your area know about KinectAir to help speed up that process. 🙂 

Who the heck are you people?

So glad you asked! Check out our team, and some investors and advisors here. For a deeper dive into our thought processes and backstory, check us out on Medium.

We are an aviation startup that has been inspired to roll out our “proto-loyalty” program as NFTs. We are not (yet?) a DAO hoping to launch an air travel service. That said, we have (clearly) been incredibly inspired by many great community-based projects of the likes of ConstitutionDAO, LinksDAO, CityDao, Cabin and Poolsuite.

What are the terms of sale?

View the full Terms of Sale.


Our Discord community is filled with pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all skill levels – from military veterans to weekend warriors to friends who simply love flying private! The Discord will be your portal to KinectAir community activity. Share your plane, aerial footage, your favorite tips and trips, arrange fly-in meetups, and more with other community members.