Streamlined and Profitable Air-Charter Partnerships

Our innovative platform is making private flight accessible to all. Our trusted Part 135 operators are key to delivering outstanding passenger experiences, and we're here to help support their revenue generation, manage costs, and support operations.

True Partnership. Beyond Brokers.

We connect you directly to an entirely new demographic of passenger, bypassing traditional brokers, while increasing your fleet's business.

Our marketing investments and software platform help you reach eager new customers, so you can focus on operations.

& Accelerate
Your Ops

By joining KinectAir, you leverage our user-friendly platform to reach customers nationwide, boosting your revenue. Our comprehensive marketing enhances your visibility, attracting more customers directly to you.


Join the KinectAir network and be part of the community that’s reshaping aviation. Your partnership, feedback and experience help us refine our services and push the industry forward. With KinectAir, you’re not just a partner but a pioneer shaping the future of flight.​