Rest Assured

Unlike many light aircraft operators, KinectAir Pilots are seasoned, career Captains who are Airline Transport Certified and have held leadership positions with commercial airlines, air ambulance, corporate flight departments, and the U.S. Military. Our pilots undergo KinectAir training in which the focus is on our most precious cargo: you.  It’s a priority of our leadership team and paramount to our entire operation that we recruit, acquire, train, and retain pilots uniquely suited for our Adventurers to call them “Captain.”

Our Philosophy is Simple

We are people driven.  At KinectAir, we believe that if we take care of our pilots, that they will in turn take care of our guests, and our business.  KinectAir knows the value of highly qualified aircraft personnel; after all, we are a company founded by professional pilots. Our pilots are expected to exceed standards of excellence in leadership, safety, and training.

Want to Fly for KinectAir?

Are you a professional pilot interested in flying with KinectAir? We’re always accepting resumes and willing to talk.

We offer an excellent modern workplace in class-leading aircraft.  Flexible self-scheduling, pay commensurate with the experience we expect, and more than just flying canned routes.  KinectAir is the opportunity to share your knowledge with Adventurers while flying.

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