Seattle to Bandon, OR

March 7th


Down and Back
Same day
1 hour
Each way

Plan your next golf trip at Bandon Dunes, one of the most unique golf courses in the Pacific North West. Don’t have 16 hours to drive down and back? Fly with KinectAir, skip the TSA lines and go direct from a private terminal in Renton to a private terminal in North Bend or Bandon. Imagine catching an easy flight down in the morning before your tee time, taking a replay while the plane waits for you and then heading home the same day. You can arrive a few minutes before the flight and be at the resort in about 2 hours. Our concierge can help arrange travel to and from the airport so you get all the fun of golf without the hassle of getting there.

$749 / seat


The KinectAir concierge is able to help with transportation and tee times.

Saturday, Mar 7th

8:00am      Leave from Renton Airport

9:00am      Arrive at North Bend Airport

6:00pm     Depart North Bend Airport

7:00pm     Arrive in Renton

Flight Plan

Pilatus PC-12 with KinectAir Livery
A photo illustration showing an artist rendering of a PC-12 with the KinectAir Logo. KinectAir is a Broker and does not currently operate aircraft.
Pilatus floor plan diagram

The PC-12 offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that is larger than most jets anywhere near the same class.

This aircraft is configured with 6 seats in the main cabin. Passengers are free to choose their own seats and switch as they desire.

This flight will be operated by Seattle Aircraft Charter 

$749 / seat