Ski Kinect

SkiKinect is the first curated adventure trip for Adventure Club members available from KinectAir!

One of the best feelings on a winter ski trip is waking up to fresh snow surrounding the cabin, getting geared up for a magnificent day, and getting up to the chairlift early to make first tracks. It’s that movie-like depiction where it’s snowing on Christmas morning. There’s nothing quite like it! SkiKinect is designed to bring that experience to every skier, on every ski trip. On-demand flight experiences taking you to the demands of the best ski conditions in the west!

How to get to the best powder in the West:

  • Select from planned SkiKinect trips.
  • Decide your location based on snow conditions just days before you go.
  • Wake up to fresh snow and enjoy first tracks.

Join the Adventurer Club to get access

Liveried PC-12 flying above snow covered mountains
A photo illustration showing an artist rendering of a PC-12 with the KinectAir Logo. KinectAir does not currently operate any aircraft.