In-person business meeting.

Business Travel in a COVID-19 world

Any within 600 miles


Seats Maximum

3 hour

One way travel time

Business Travel in a COVID-19 world will be a new kind of experience.

Relationships matter.
Teleconferencing and Zoom solutions are not sufficient for retaining connections to clients, suppliers, and company owners. Many of the companies in retail, entertainment, and finance have built their businesses on trust. As a result, the face-to-face meeting has become a necessity of maintaining those relationships.

Time is of the essence.
Now more than ever, time is the most important asset. In other words, gone are the 20-hour travel days. Gone are the multiple connections from major airport hubs. The health and safety of passengers and flight personnel is at the forefront of any conversation on air travel now. The fewer stops, deplaning, and airport visits the better. The KA alternative for instance is, short, regional, one-stop flights. These limit the number of interactions that could increase health risk.

Business Travel in a COVID-19 world still needs to happen.
Face-to-face meetings (socially distanced of course) are part of the fabric of how business works. Certainly, scheduling teams across multiple timezones, platforms, and tech adeptness can be done. However, it can also be logistically challenging. If time is of the essence, then spending the collective time of 20 people with varying connection issues, etc could be solved with a short flight.

How it works
It’s simple. Request a flight with us. We’ll send you an estimate. If you decide to book, we invoice you and your flight is reserved. That’s it!

Work with our Concierge to ensure your trip is as productive, comfortable, and efficient as you need it to be.  Arrive 15 minutes before your flight. Park in the free parking lot, or get dropped off by a service such as Lyft.  Enjoy free refreshments in the lobby. Greeted by your pilot, you’ll walk directly onto the plane, along with your bags and materials, and get settled.  Additional in-flight refreshments are provided at no additional charge. Fly directly into the airport closest to your preferred destination. We’ll have a car waiting for you if you’d like.  Meet with your clients, staff, distributors, then return the same day. Be home by dinner.

This flight will be operated by an approved Part-135 Operator