Often called the Lyft or Uber for planes, KinectAir has transformed the way people fly, offering an accessible and affordable alternative to commercial airlines. In a world where convenience and personalized experiences are highly sought after, KinectAir has emerged as the pioneer of private air travel, providing an app-based platform that connects travelers with professional pilots and modern aircraft. With the KinectAir app, passengers can skip the hassles of traditional air travel, bypassing the TSA lines and enjoying the luxury of private charter flights.


KinectAir’s mission is to democratize air travel by making private charter flights available to a wider audience just like what Uber did for black car service. Through the power of modern aircraft and AI-based dispatch systems, the company has brought air mobility to the palm of your hand. No longer reserved for the elite few, KinectAir offers a seamless experience that allows individuals to book private flights directly from local airports, empowering them to travel on their own terms.


While most Lyft and Uber drivers only hold a personal driving licence, KinectAir network operators are FAA certified to provide commercial charter operations. KinectAir takes pride in its team of experienced professionals who ensure every flight is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. The captains are Airline Transport Certified and possess extensive experience in charter aviation. These pilots have held leadership positions in commercial airlines, air ambulance services, corporate flight departments, and the U.S. Military. KinectAir, led by Jonathan Evans, an Army veteran pilot, and successful entrepreneur, has assembled a group of aviation experts, technologists, legal counsel, and seasoned entrepreneurs who share a common vision of transforming private air travel by working with local operators to provide excellent customer experience in addition to safety and reliability.


KinectAir understands that private flights have traditionally been associated with high costs. However, the company offers three key strategies to make private air travel more affordable:

  1. Aircraft Selection: The choice of aircraft significantly impacts the cost of a private flight. While the Gulfstream G650 is known for its speed and global reach, it comes at a premium price. In contrast, the Pilatus PC-12 offers a comfortable, cost-effective option, with a pressurized cabin and versatile capabilities.

  2. Empty Legs and Repositioning Flights: Repositioning flights, which are necessary to pick up passengers from different locations, can contribute to the overall cost. KinectAir recommends considering empty legs, which are flights returning to their base without passengers, as a cost-saving option. Aligning your travel plans with existing empty legs can result in substantial savings.

  3. Fill The Seats: By inviting friends, family, or colleagues to join the flight, passengers can distribute the cost among multiple travelers. Like your favorite ride hailing service, you have the whole flight to yourself so sharing the expenses allows for a more budget-friendly private flight experience.

The KinectAir app simplifies the booking process so you no longer have to look up a local charter company and call them like a taxi service. Like your favorite ride sharing service, you tell the app where you want to go and it connects to professional operators who can serve the flight you need. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your desired destination address. Skip the airport codes, we can find local airports for you.

  2. KinectAir’s advanced algorithms will find the best-priced private flight options to your trip

  3. Select your preferred departure time. We have 24 hour options for flights.

  4. Indicate the number of passengers, including pets and children.

  5. Confirm your flight and the KinectAir team will finalize the details.


With the KinectAir app, private air travel has become more accessible, affordable, and hassle-free. By leveraging modern aircraft, smart dispatch systems, and a network of professional pilots, KinectAir has revolutionized the industry and put the power to summon an aircraft in the palm of your hand. Whether for business or leisure, passengers can now embark on their journeys with utmost convenience and comfort. KinectAir’s commitment to safety, excellence, and personalized service sets it apart, enabling travelers to enjoy the freedom of private air travel like never before. Explore the KinectAir app today and unlock a new world of possibilities in air mobility.