Personal air travel using
efficient aircraft & smart software

A Photo illustration showing an artist rendering of a PC-12 with the KinectAir Logo. KinectAir does not currently operate it’s own aircraft, but brokers flights on certified Part 135 operators.

The KinectAir Experience

KinectAir is an on-demand, app-based private air travel service. We are on a mission to make private flying accessible and practical for millions of people with busy lives and places to go!

Join the Club

Book it and go. Anyone can book a flight on-demand, any time.

Adventurers are people just like you; tired of long TSA lines, spending
all day traveling, and want to get where they’re going, safely, securely, and without breaking the bank. Bring your skis, your kids, your dog, your friends, and your gear.

Co-Own an Aircraft

Powered by aviation enthusiasts who own the fleet.

All the benefits of owning your own aircraft with a rebate system and pilot network for ultimate travel flexibility.

  • In the air. Moving people where they need to be. ❤️ Photo by: Conor Whitehead, Director of Flight Operations at KA.
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On-Demand Trip Request

Important Information

  • Aircraft live in Hillsboro, OR, Renton, WA and  Spokane, WA. 
  • We serve flights departing within 100 miles of the aircraft’s home. 
  • We broker flights on the Pilatus PC-12
  • Maximum 8 passengers with limited luggage.
  • Maximum 6 passengers with ski gear or other large items.
  • Requests made on a short timeline are subject to availability.
  • Please provide a phone number for short timeline flight requests.

– Conor Whitehead, Director of Aviation Operations