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We’re not flying yet, but we’d love for you to experience a glimpse of what’s to come. Explore our preview app to build your own itinerary and get an estimate of the cost.

All photos of aircraft with KinectAir livery are artist renderings.

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“Aside from for a handful of billionaires and politicians, air travel has never been on demand. Newly launched American software aviation company KinectAir wants to change this paradigm; it wants to become the Uber of commercial aviation.”

“KinectAir says that its smartphone app will allow users to book flights directly from the nearest airfield. “

“We will be able to offer a clean, quiet, and intelligent regional air service to move people to where they need to be.”

“KinectAir’s timing may be in fact fortuitous. Mainstream aviation has been hit by coronavirus, and there is certainly passenger demand for new options…”

“The company says it will be bringing the on-demand experience to aviation by using a combination of an AI enabled app and smaller format state-of-the-art aircraft…”

“With the Covid-19 pandemic not only disrupting existing aviation infrastructure but altering people’s perception of flying, now could be exactly the right time for KinectAir to launch.”

KinectAir Anywhere

KinectAir Anywhere PC-12s seat up to 8 passengers.  The Cirrus SR22s seat up to 3 passengers or 2 adults and 2 children.  You choose where you depart from.  You choose where you’d like to arrive.  These aircraft can land easily in smaller, rural airports as well as large airports in city hubs. Arrive 15 minutes before your flight, and you’ll be on your way!

KinectAir is an air charter broker, and is not a direct air carrier or a direct foreign air carrier in operational control of the aircraft. All advertised flights are operated by properly licensed direct air carriers or direct foreign air carriers. All photos of aircraft with KinectAir livery are artist renderings.

The people, places and communities you need in your life.

Sometimes, you just need to be there in person. For essential family moments, or getting business done, we suggest flying on the Pilatus PC-12 or the Cirrus SR22.  We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with VoltAero to offer hybrid-electric aircraft beginning in 2023!

Our mission is to empower people to connect with each other, places, and communities via air travel.

What's it Like Flying with KinectAir

Fly a lot? Co-Own an Aircraft

Help to deliver the future while saving on owning an aircraft.

All the benefits of owning your own aircraft with a rebate system and pilot network for ultimate travel flexibility.

Powered by aviation enthusiasts who own the fleet.


The latest on KinectAir’s flight status

Conor with a PC-12 on a grass field

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#HappyThanksgiving from KinectAir. We are thankful for all the #support we have received this year as we grow. For the amazing and #resilient #aviation industry that helps everyone connect to the people, places and #communities we all need in our lives.

Great article in @Forbes on how #electric aircraft and #remoteworking can reshape how we live!

#KinectAir aims to solve the gap of living where you want and staying connected.