There’s a better way to connect to the people, places and communities we need in our lives. Our strategy is to  reimagine air travel. No more airport hubs, no lines and no more thinking how much simpler it would be to fly.

We want investors  to be our users, so we’ve chosen to raise funding through Wefunder. Join us and invest in the future of flying.

Introducing KinectAir


It is 2020 and despite all the available advances in mobility, people still have no real control over where, when and how they fly. As the airline industry once again resuscitates a failing hub and spoke operation, we see that the huge demand for regional and local air connectivity is unmet. That’s why we want to reimagine air travel at KinectAir –

To MOVE people to where they NEED to be.

Our Platform

No more schedule hunting

Our platform meets consumer demand for direct air travel on your own schedule – meaning no more hunting through the airlines’ schedules that serve major airport hubs and force people to fly unsustainably. Our app creates a booking to your actual need.  



Connecting, ON-DEmand

Our on demand flight network helps our customers avoid busy commercial airports, with their endless crowds and lines, to finally deliver a service that meets customer needs in a dynamic and intelligent way.

The customer just needs to use their smartphone to tell us where and when they need to go and KinectAir Anywhere will dispatch a safe, economical and highly versatile Pilatus PC-12 or Cirrus SR22 aircraft to reach any airfield within 1,000 miles.

Other airlines only operate out of 50 of the 2000+ available airports in the US, and are simply not ‘on-demand’ travel experiences. We can change that.


Connecting REGIONS

Together we will support regional communities to connect and thrive. We plan to service regular volumes of inter-regional air travel as we scale in the USA and Europe. We will build a flexible schedule to meet the demand for communities and businesses in regions poorly connected by road and rail.

KinectAir Together will use efficient turboprop aircraft with up to 80 seats. These inter-regional routes will also flex with demand or even offer exclusive flights for seasonal events through the dynamic KinectAir App. Put simply, we know there is twice as much demand closer to the business, places and communities people want in their lives and we intend to fulfil it.

Our Technology


To maximize efficiency – affordability for customers and our profitability – we plan to code AI software to continuously optimize, at scale and in real time, the true supply and demand across our own network of aircraft, pilots, and other passengers.


The software instantly learns, recalculates, and offers the best options. It also suggests targeted remarketing online and uses our network to act on the data to fill flights.

Sustainable aviation


We aim to do more to cut waste and reduce avoidable CO2 aviation emissions than any air company has before. First, the right-sized aircraft we use today are significantly more efficient than equivalent jet aircraft. By optimizing operations using these efficient aircraft, we can dramatically reduce the typical carbon footprint for passengers.

Allowing more people to positively evaluate their need to travel against their carbon footprint. Fossil fuels represent 40% of a typical airline’s cost base today. As with so many sustainable policies, we believe that doing the right thing is profitable for the customer, the planet and operations.


Achieving significant reductions in operator CO2 emissions can only be attained by open innovation and cooperation between new partners. Electric and hybrid manufacturers of conventional take off and landing (eCTOL) aircraft are streets ahead in terms of reaching and exceeding regulatory standards for safe operations. KinectAir is already looking to bring in hybrid and electric aircraft into the fleet in the near term (1-2 years). With such aircraft, the traveler will be part of the leap forward in aviation. 

Our Team

Jonathan Evans

chief executive officer

KinectAir was conceived by Jonathan, a lifelong aviator. After selling his drone software company, Skyward, to Verizon in February 2017, he assembled this team of aerospace and software experts to go after his dream of an on-demand flight network.

Ben Howard

Ben Howard

Chief technical Officer

A startup veteran who has built teams and brought products to market including a fixed-wing UAS, SaaS image processing, and AI based insights on big data. He formerly worked at Intel Visual/Parallel Group.

Portrait of Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers

Chief Commercial Officer

A successfully exited aviation entrepreneur & pilot. Passionate about leading aerospace, future safety, and innovation for next generation air travel using AI, machine learning and connectivity. British Airways Captain | 10,000 hours (747, A320).

Portrait of Anneke Tucker

Anneke Tucker

Director of Aviation Development

Anneke is an FAA Airframe & Powerplant technician with inspection authority. She is also an Owner/Founder of Attain Aviation. Her 17+ years in the aviation industry started as Marine Corps Combat Aircrew: OEF & OIF.

Christophe Carriere

Chief operations officer

Christophe is a leading startup mentor and adviser with a deep understanding of the legal and M&A space. Formerly a Paris-based ex-M&A lawyer, leading international teams in cross-border transactions and Deputy GC at Valeo Group.

Celeste Edman

Chief Revenue Officer

A transformative leader in the transportation sector with experience merging, optimizing, and exiting tech and mid-market companies. Certified Lean Kanban and Agile methodology, Celeste is also a mentor and champion for Pacific Northwest startups.

Conor Whitehead

Conor Whitehead

Director of flight operations

Conor is a career pilot, Army Veteran, seasoned captain, instructor and leader in aviation. He has flown everything from Army Special Ops Helicopters and wild land firefighting down to KinectAir’s Pilatus PC-12. He creates an aviation culture you can trust and love.

Peter Lucier

Peter Lucier

General counsel

A practicing business operations and contracts lawyer, Peter started his career as a litigator in D+O insurance. In parallel he became a successful entrepreneur in real estate and tech startup. As KinectAir GC, he is adept in US aviation law.

Portrait of Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers

Global Head of Commincations

A strategic communications veteran of 15 years. In agency, he led some of the worlds most famous technology brands, winning awards across EMEA. He is an investor & exited entrepreneur with Dovetail Lab, a blockchain consent app for medical data.

Eli Ackerman

Product analyst, Concierge

Eli is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon majoring in Economics. He co-founded Tutortree, a tutor-student connection platform for College campuses. Tutortree raised over 13k in funding as well as the University of Oregon’s Startup of the Year award in 2019.

Advisory Council

Susan Bladholm
Founder & President at Friends of Frog Ferry, Portland, OR. Former CMO, Erickson Air Crane.

Kristen Edwards
Combat veteran, Army Aviator, and UH-60 Blackhawk company commander. Former Amazon product manager. Senior software product manager at Nordstrom.

Travis Mason
Vice President at Airbus, X-Googler, Washington D.C.

Sara De La Rosa

Swiss U-Space Project Manager at AirMap

Ari Newman
Building the future of business banking at Wise. Investing in great early-stage companies at NewRock Partners, Boulder, CO

Harry Nuttall
System Air Director (corporate flight department division leader) Southern Company, Atlanta, GA

Lucas Van Oostrum
Lucas Van Oostrum Drones, Robots & Art — Studio DRIFT, Amsterdam-Noordwest, Netherlands

Joel Pliskin
Expert Project Manager in ICT and Healthcare for International Development, Washington, D.C.

Adam Sweet
Co-founder and CEO of Two Brothers Moving Company, Portland, OR. Pilot and Cirrus owner.