KinectAir will Open The Skies with a new way for pilots to put their experience and talent to work, and a new way for people to fly. Join the community of expert aviators pushing the industry into the future.

We are as ambitious about changing the way pilots are recruited and employed as we are about changing the face of aviation for passengers. 

Our pilots are chosen for their exceptional flight experience as well as being able to epitomise our core value of empathy. Afterall, on a KinectAir flight your pilot meets you on the tarmac and you get to see them at the controls; they are literally and emotionally the frontline of our customer experience.

The life of a pilot today is not without its challenges; commercial pilots face daunting schedules and long trips away from home and loved ones and pilots for private individuals often operate at the ‘beck and call’ of those who they fly for.

With an extensive background in military &/or commercial flight our pilots are those who have earned the right to be in control of when, where and how they fly, our software enables them to do that with clear visibility of their usable hours and earning potential.


There are no open pilot positions at present, but if you possess the appropriate qualifications, please fill out the form behind the orange button and we’ll reach out when we’re hiring in your area.

Currently our Captains Must Have:
100 hrs of PC-12 flight time
3,000+ hour of total flight time
1,000+ hours of turboprop/turbine
Meet FAA ATP ASEL mins (must hold at least commercial / instrument pilot certificate)
Current Class II Medical certificate

Full time captains earn  $120,000-$175,000, starting with an even break schedule.
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