We are initially bootstrapping our flight network with unused hours of specific models of aircraft, allowing owners to earn revenue AirBnb-style.
Unlike many of our competitors, we maintain complete operational control of all aircraft under regulations of our FAA Part 135 air taxi certification. This means we keep them up to date and ready to fly, to the highest FAA standards.
We deliberately use the safest, most sustainable aircraft on the market. The Cirrus SR22 and Pilatus PC-12 are industry standards with excellent records.
Highly trained and professional, we only recruit experienced veterans from the armed forces, commercial aviation and other instrument-rated cohorts.
Usually yes. We book travel for you on several operators and different aircraft so please make sure to note any pets coming along so we can confirm that.

Usually yes. Most locations where you’ll meet your aircraft are designed with you in mind, and cater to a smooth experience. Some locations may have limited parking. Remember KinectAir offers concierge service for all travel and will gladly facilitate your travel to/from the aircraft. Parking along with directions and other specifics is confirmed during your booking depending on your locations.
“Part 135” is a DOT/FAA code/regulation set that governs charter and air taxi operators  Not unlike air carrier regulations (Part 121) that all regional and major airlines abide by, Part 135 is a strict code developed over the last several generation of flying, with the explicit purpose of keeping travelers safe. When flying on a KinectAir flight, you’re assured to be flown on a safe aircraft, with safe and legal pilots, mechanics, operating procedures, and ground crews supporting your travel. There is no grey area in how we get you where you want to be.
There are a few organizations with platforms/apps that offer “private” flights on aircraft flown by commercial certified pilots. Some of these services have been successful, but they’re starting to be shut down by the FAA. They’ve been operating in a legal grey area / loophole. One that technically putts the very important onus of “operational control” on you, the passenger. This is one way people get into circumstances that are dangerous and much less regulated, flying on aircraft and with pilots that have very little oversight.
All fees and taxes are included in prices we provide you, whether it’s a quick estimate, or your actual quote/invoice.
At KinectAir we carefully aim to provide transparent services. All legal charter flights must collect federal taxes. Other costs include landing/ramp (airport) charges, pilot/aircraft overnight costs, and sometimes a specific planning fee required by the aircraft owner/operator. 
The Pilatus PC-12 is configured to hold between six and eight passengers in the cabin. Certain aircraft have minor configuration differences that may effect maximum capacity. Travel within the region has proven to be comfortable for eight passengers with overnight gear stowed in the cargo area.  For groups larger than four we encourage leaving your skis or clubs behind and renting/demoing for your trip. Oversized items may be placed in rear isle area at times. A rapid Google search of PC-12 cabin will show the basic cabin layouts. You’ll learn to really enjoy the Pilatus as you travel more with KinectAir. Feel free to ask your captain or us anything you want to know about these fantastic aircraft.
We move people to where they want to be, when they want to be there. 
We are currently brokering flights from our trusted operator network, while working on our own FAA approved Part 135 air taxi certificate.
KinectAir is bringing new customers to a new market, the start of truly accessible, private air travel. We’re not trying to pull current private jet owners and charter flyers from the way they fly now. KinectAir is finally opening up private/semi-private air transportation for people that can’t travel private jet by removing the barriers and huge subscription fees while operating class-leading,  efficient aircraft now.  KinectAir is poised to leverage next-gen electric/hybrid personal air vehicles with our developing dispatching system in the near future.